Friday, 12 October 2012

Group A - Toddler Busy Bags!

These were our first Busy Bags! I think that getting used to making 10 identical bags meant that we learnt really quickly what kind of things are labour-intensive, and what worked well in dec-plicate!

Pipe Cleaners, straws and sticks copy-cats!

This one was all about threading, posting and poking for littlies, and about copying and re-creating the pictures on the cards for the more advanced toddle-pots in the group. Good for fine and gross motor skills and visual memory. By Jewels of Busy Bags!

Pasta Threading!

This was all about threading string through naturally dyed pasta tubes of different sizes. Hand sanitizer 'fixed' the colours without making the pasta soggy! (Natural Pasta Dye Recipe).  Good for fine motor skills and colour recognition. By Karla of Busy Bags!

Animal Matching Game!

This game is all about matching pictures of animals with pictures of animals! My 2y5m old could match the sounds too when I read them to him. Great for visual memory and auditory recall. By HelenS of Busy Bags!

Make a Pizza!

This was a massive hit with most of the toddlers! Younger ones just piled up their pizza and arranged the toppings, and more advanced ones could follow the 'order' cards and create a specific pizza. I thought that this was good for visual memory. By Debra of Busy Bags!

The Fishing Game!

Pick up the fish using the rod alone! Clever use of magnetic tape! This was great for fine and gross motor skills and also for colour recognition... 'Catch the red fish..' By Sally of Busy Bags!


This is a lower case and upper case matching game with the added motor skill element of pegging card! My toddler matched a few of the letters visually, even though we haven't done any alphabet stuff at all. He also figured out which end of the peg to squeeze and which opens. Peg the corresponding peg onto the letter on the card! By Stef of Busy Bags!

Colour-Matching Clips!

Match the clips to the coloured foam! For young toddlers, placing them on top of their matching colour was enough, but for older ones, clipping the paperclips onto the foam was added motor skill practice! By Elly of Busy Bags!

Coloured Peg Matching Game with Number Wheel!

Peg the pegs onto their matching colour! Colour matching and motor skills,
...and on the back...

...a handy little counting wheel and number symbol matching activity! By Sara of Busy Bags!

Make a Snake!

A great little game; simple for young toddlers who just put the pieces together, with an added element for those more advanced ones who must match the symbols at each junction! Gross and fine motor skills, colour and symbol matching, planning and spatial awareness. By Kate of Busy Bags!