Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Group D - Older Children's Busy Bags!

These busy bags were made for the older siblings of the toddler group! They loved the toddler bags so much that they demanded their own! These Busy Bags are aimed at 7-10 year olds... (though many of the activities would keep us adults amused for a  l o n g  time too!

Money Sums!

A till containing lots of shopping. Go shopping and add up your basket, take something out of your basket and minus it off your total. Great Maths Game! By Sara of Busy Bags!

Word Prefixes!

This game is to recognise common prefixes: un, de, re, pre, dis, ex, ad, al, mis, mini, re, pre, trans, il, in, im, ir. bi. pro, sus, tele and auto. Using the game to test their knowledge of prefixes, generate new words from root words. By Sara of Busy Bags! 

3D Shapes!

Straws and pipe-cleaners at the ready! Make a cube, pyramid and prism. A great game to improve dexterity, planning, logical thinking and problem-solving. This required a lot of thought and attention from the children and was very absorbing! By Kate of Busy Bags!

Time - matching numbers/analogue/digital!

A clock game with digital and analogue cards with 3 different types of games and a solo game to play. Move the hands on the clock to the digital time card. By Debra of Busy Bags!

Woven sun!

Weave around brightly coloured wool to make this amazing woven sun, looks great as a decoration too! Improves hand-eye co-ordination and problem-solving. By HelenS of Busy Bags!
Colour Domino Puzzles!

A lovely puzzle to get their minds whirring; see if you can copy the image enclosed using the coloured dominoes, harder than it looks! Good for visual memory, spatial awareness and planning, amongst other things!
By Kate of Busy Bags!

Consisting of 7 pieces called tans which fit together to form a shape of some sort. The goal is to form a specific shape with the seven pieces. They may not overlap! Great 2D game with lots of logical thinking. Think I may borrow this myself for train journeys! By Pam of Busy Bags! 


This was loved by the Mummies in the group, as well as the children! Matching colours together, this one keeps them quiet for hours, and if the frustration gets the better of them with either puzzle, there are 4 handy hints too! By Kate of Busy Bags! 

With Thanks to Debra for the photos and descriptions (as I don't have an older child yet!)