Friday, 12 October 2012

Conception! Planned and unplanned creation :)

How we were born!

I'm lucky enough to be part of a small tribe of local Mamas, who are a little bit alternative, creative, funky and human enough to be vital to my path of motherhood!

One fabby hippy Mum was really keen to get a group of us making and swapping 'Busy Bags' so that our toddlers would have something new to entertain them at any point in the day that they needed to be amused, such as while waiting for food at a restaurant; waiting at the doctors, traveling by train... etc

...and our local Busy bag swap group was born! 

What's it all for?

The purpose of this blog is to share our wondrous creations with the world, celebrate our success and to serve as a reminder of what we made, and just how creative we can be, even with a tribe of small children in tow!

Hopefully, you will use our blog to get ideas for a busy bag swap of your own, and will leave us your ideas and enthusiasm to cheer us on when we are faced with 10 empty bags at midnight and a random pile of felt to make something out of!

We are also about to embark on "Baby Busy Bags" and "Older Children's Busy Bags" since it is clear that Busy Bags are a hit with all ages! (It has also been suggested that we make "Parent Busy Bags" around a theme of relaxation and reward! this space!)

So, thanks for dropping in, enjoy browsing our creations, and if you see anything you like, please do leave a comment, question, idea, appreciation or a loving pat on the back which will be much appreciated by our Busy Bag Swap Mamas!

With love, and creative passion,

Jewels of Busy Bags!

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