Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Group B - Toddler Busy Bags!

We've finally been playing with our second lot of Busy Bags! Here are the photos of what we have played with so far! Are there are no limits to our creativity?

Make a Jigsaw Monster!

This create a creature activity was good even before the black foam was stuck to the card, as a stacking and arranging exercise. The black foam was arranged into an animal shape, then the backs were peeled off and the shapes stuck to the green card. Then the glitter glue, eyes and paper clips could be used in any way to add 'scales' and 'spots' to the monster! My son loved the peeling and sticking and glueing best! By Jewels of Busy Bags!

Button Octopus!

This is a button buttoning and unbuttoning exercise; 8 different sized and shaped buttons with 8 different coloured Octopus legs! Really good for fine motor skills and colour learning! By Sara of Busy Bags!

Web Weaving!

This is a great web weaving activity, developing spatial awareness, and planning as well as dexterity. Children being innately more creative than bigger children (adults) found many uses for this, from a retrievable frizbee, to a plate for the pizza game (Group A)! It also helped my son notice more spider webs when we were out on our next walk after doing this activity! By Elly of Busy Bags!

Sensory Balloons!

This is a great sensory activity visually, auditory, and kinesthetically... Balloons, filled with different substances and tied, coupled with an 'identifiction' card showing the possible contents! Plenty of rolling, squishing, squeezing, crinkly-listening and biting fun! We particularly loved them when we were stuck on the motorway, especially Mama, squishing the cous cous and lentil one against the steering wheel! Perfect stress reducers! By HelenS of Busy Bags!

Colour-Match Washing Line!

String the washing line between two chairs and then see if your little one can peg the mini clothes onto it. An added feature is that the clothes pegs could be matched to the clothes' colours! This was great for manual dexterity; holding the clothes and pegging the pegs at once was initially a challenge! One little boy insisted on leaving the washing line up for a few hours until his clothes were 'dry' :) By Debra of Busy Bags!

Stained 'glass' windows!

These were a big hit for us! This was created using a frame, covered in sticky-backed plastic to which the coloured see-through shapes and black borders were positioned! Once complete, the stained glass window could be put on a real window for the light to shine through! See through film was used to avoid shapes folding up when being stuck on. By EmmaT of Busy Bags!

Play dough!

Home made play dough in 5 colours with an instruction card giving ideas of 'things to make'. Here is the Play Dough Recipe! Great squidgy fun! By Karla of Busy Bags!

Double-Sided Dominoes!

Lovely laminated colour matching dominoes, simple but fun, especially as a group of paired busy bag when waiting for food to arrive at a restaurant. On the reverse are traditional number-spotted dominoes. This was great for colour-learning, number learning, turn taking and motor skills (picking them up from a flat table proved to be a good learning experience!). By Laura of Busy Bags!

Button Snake!

This was a simple button threading game, to create a long snake of shapes! This also has the added dimension of shape and colour recognition; 'can you get a red square next?' Great for dexterity and learning how to do buttons too! By Katy of Busy Bags!

Funny Faces!


This was a creative activity based around making faces. The card gave suggestions as to what to make, such as an 'angry face', an 'alien face'. The possibilities are endless! By Karla of Busy Bags!

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