Thursday, 13 December 2012

Group G - Toddler Busy Bags!

We decided to reduce the group size, to ensure that everyone could attend the swap. People were unable to make the bigger group swaps and it meant a lot of transporting, meeting and sharing out of missed bags! So our trial of a smaller group means 5 Busy Bags in each swap!

'Sort 'em out' Treasure Boxes!

This is a fabulous and well-received activity. My little boy didn't want to get anything else out of his busy bag for a while, and keeps returning to this, though for some reason, mini tractor tyres have to go in the green section, not the black one?! :) We have also added other household objects and bits of toys to vary the activity even further! This activity is great for pre-verbal colour identification and matching, fine motor skill development including pincer-grip and hand eye coordination. Much loved in this house! By Laura of Busy Bags!

Christmas Stocking Decorating!

This was a lovely, straightforward glueing and placing activity. The stocking was pre-made, and the finished product is gorgeous and will probably be on our tree for many many years! The careful squeezing of glue captivated my little boy, and he loved choosing his sequins. This activity supports the development of planning and motor skills (fine and gross). We also used it to help with colour identification (silver and gold) and naming of more unusual shapes (snowflake, gemstone). By Debra of Busy Bags!

Finger Puppets!

Decorate your own finger puppets, with mini clothes, pompoms, feathers and all-sorts! Another great activity that leads into a different form of creative play (puppet theatre?). This activity supports the development of planning, spatial arrangement, dextreity and fine motor control. By Chris of Busy Bags!

Sticky lollipop Sticks!

Isn't is so often true that the simplest ideas are the best? This was a bag of multi-coloured 
 lolly-pop sticks with velcro pieces glued on the ends! Create endless shapes, long lines, houses, whole worlds from the sticks, as well as colour-coded creations. This kept my little one, and his dad (!) amused for ages when we had a delayed food situation!!! It's so small and simple to carry around that its fast becoming tucked into my bag wherever we go! By Sara of Busy Bags!

Mask Decorating!

This is a simple 'paint-it' activity. The fun part of this (apart from making and wearing the masks) is that I tried to make it totally portable! The paintbrush is in there, the little paint pots... the only thing you 'could' add would be a glass of water, but even that isn't needed! Spread out your paper, pop the lids, and paint away! Once they are dry, use the paper clips to attach lolly-stick handles to the masks. This activity supports the development of artistic skill, dexterity and design! By Jewels of Busy Bags!

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