Thursday, 13 December 2012

Group F- Toddler Busy Bags!

This is our last 10-bag swap! With Christmas around the corner, we agreed to meet and swap in groups of five, just to make things more do-able, particularly when making your 10 busy bags! Four of the Ten of us couldn't make it to the swap, and we were all up late the night before; stressing over facebook about getting everything done! I think that the results are beautiful though, and for a mid November swap, we did very well!

Butterfly halves matching game!


This gorgeous little activity is completed by matching up and velcro-ing down little half butterfly wings! This task is good for visual discrimination, spatial awareness, particularly rotation, manual dexterity and aesthetic appreciation! My little 2 and a half year old matched them all up well, but struggled to rotate them as you can see on the blue wing below. It wont be long before he can though! By Sara of Busy Bags!

Shoe-lace tie!

This super little activity was a simple take on the art of tying shoe-laces! Some instruction will be needed here! The threading and making some attempt to tie was enjoyed though, and you can see my son making his first attempt at a bow in the photo. By Debra of busy bags!

Dress-Up Dolls!

This was a very simple activity involving dolls, their clothes and shoes, and magnetic strips!
Dress the dolls however you like, choosing from trousers, skirts, tops, shorts and shoes! This activity is good for developing hand-eye coordination, planning, creativity and fine motor skill. By Jewels of Busy Bags!

Flower Match!

This is a tiny and very portable activity, promoting colour matching, colour name-learning, and number counting, symbol recognition and spot shape recognition! This game will be one to grow with them for some time. By Chris of Busy Bags!

Build a Snowflake!
This is a quirky take on the 'fuzzy-felt' idea of yester-year! ;) You build your own snowflake by placing felt shapes onto a felt board. There are some great concepts built into this activity, including tessellation, symmetry, visual pattern building, as well as the development of fine-motor skill, planning, visual acuity and naming and awareness of shape. By Elly of Busy Bags!

Reflect-o-rama Crown or Tiara!!

This activity was all about choosing and sticking shapes, sparkly 'diamonds' and reflective moose and ghosts (etc!) to a headband. It was a great 'take out' activity because double sided sticky tape was used to fit the crown / tiara and to attach the shapes! We even got more than one use out of ours as my son decided to peel everything off and put it away again! This activity is super for fine motor skills, visual arrangement, spatial awareness and planning. By Karla of Busy Bags!


HelenC - puzzles!

Kathryn - Changing Faces
Kate - Scaley Fishy fun
Pam - Matching shape halves

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